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Any speciality to buy in different regions in Tibet?

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Yes, there are a number of products that originate from different corners of Tibet. The famous Tibetan herbal medicine - caterpillar fungus or literally known as “winter worm, summer grass” is be found in Nagqu Prefecture.

While the Nyêmo County in Lhasa is best known for producing the finest Tibetan incense.

The Nyingchi, also known as the “Swiss-Alps” of Tibet, produces the best matsutake (wild mushroom) in Tibet.

Meanwhile, the fertile Gyaca County of Shannan Prefecture is the source of the highest quality of walnuts across Tibet, a long tradition that dates back to over a thousand years ago.

And the dried yak meat is also the best local flavor in Nagarzê County, Shannan Prefecture.

Since Tibetans are originally the nomads, they often use daggers to slice yak meat.

The best-known daggers or knives are made in Lhatse County, Shigatse Prefecture. However, it’s forbidden to carry it on the plane.

Meanwhile, don’t forget to take a look at the hand-made Tibetan rugs and artistic Tibetan Thangka paintings, other handicrafts, etc. in Lhasa.

The list of travel commemorations that are worth buying in Tibet, as well as the places to shop in Lhasa.

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