Evolution of Art
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Evolution of Art

Liam Davis
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I love knitting, and being well-educated, I keep up with current art trends. Because I don’t want to be outdated, it’s very important to me that I know the Evolution of Art of the Last Decade. I want to be current. Also, I want my crafts reflect the latest in the art.


A website that explains things that have changed our understanding of art was found on the Internet. The article also talks about contemporary art in crafts. This is a great topic to have a discussion about. While many people were familiar with drawing, they are now all familiar with crafts. Even though paintings can have many changes, not everyone notices them in crafts. So, I set out to discover how to show them in my objects to help people appreciate modern art.


I found out that Instagram is helping artists to spread their message. As people learn about the art from us, I can also say that we are influencers.


This article contains valuable information about the Evolution of Art.

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Nikaa Haris
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