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I'm a sex doll salesman

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My coincidence with sex dolls

At 7:30 in the morning, I woke up, got dressed, washed and ran to the office. The dormitory is only ten minutes away from where I work, and across a deep alley, there is a gray four-story building. From the outside, it is no different from the old buildings in the suburbs of Guangzhou. When you walk in, you will be shocked.
Countless young sex doll bodies hung like slaughterhouse meat on steel frames, wrapped in clear plastic bags. They have different skin tones, black and white and yellow; they are all fat and thin, and they are all exquisite. Although I have been working here for a while, walking into the factory every day and seeing this scene is still like a dream. Nightmare or sweet dream, I can't tell the difference for a while.

Fat Black Female Sex Doll
In July 2017, I graduated from university and applied for a job as a foreign trade worker in this factory. My duty is to sell silicone sex dolls all over the world.
Our products are silicone sex dolls, also called sex dolls, which are sex toys. Walking into the factory, I realized that this is a company that makes sex dolls. The two girls who applied for the job together turned around and left when they saw the Chinese sex doll, saying that they could not explain it to their family.

I also didn't like Chinese sex doll at first

Looking at their backs, I also wanted to leave, but there were nails under my feet, and I hesitated. My parents died young, and my grandparents raised me, doing everything they could to earn money for me to go to college. They are old and my wish is to make more money. The starting salary here is high, there is a commission after the three-month probation period, and the factory manages food and housing. For me, the conditions are very good.

Most people in China only know about inflatable dolls, and Chinese sex doll are made of silicone or mixed material TPE. They have only been popular in China for a few years, and have been popular in Europe, America and Japan for decades. This kind of Chinese sex doll looks like a real person, and any part is highly simulated. It is embedded with a metal skeleton, and the joints can be bent and can be put into various poses. The shape of the doll is even more varied. The height, weight, skin color, facial features, and even the color of hair, eyes, tattoos, nails and other characteristics can be customized. The inside of the body can also be heated, and the sound card can be customized to let the doll speak some simple languages.

Young Woman doll
The regular price of sex dolls is between 2000-10000 yuan, and there are high-end customized ones. As long as the customer takes a photo and lists the requirements, the factory can open the mold to make the exact same doll.
The factory has also developed an intelligent Big Boobs Sex Doll, which can move its head and limbs, and responds to customers in Chinese and English. It is similar to an intelligent robot, but it is expensive, and the cheapest one is 50,000 RMB. However, compared with dolls in Europe and America, dolls produced in China are much cheaper.
Walking through the factory building, I walked to the office area and turned on my computer to check my emails. The first thing to do every day is to answer all kinds of weird questions from new customers: "Will I get stuck?" "How much does the doll heat up?" "What is the maximum breast size when the doll is standing?"
At this time, the computer dinged, and it was an email from Andy with the subject line: "This Christmas, I will not be alone anymore".

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