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Not lots of it, I didn't even know I was losing any until I lost a big piece email address of business because I failed to respond to an email in time. This sent me scuttling off to my webmail to find that the offending mail, plus two other messages, had been left by Mail sitting comfortably inside a warm server. It's a good product without a doubt, but my email address lost faith in Mail overnight, (I'm that type of guy), and that sent me on a quest for a different email client. A free email address one, as I like to keep as much money aside as I can for food and beer.

I thought also that if I was looking for a new email client, others might be also. I hope this email address saves you some time and effort you could spend gainfully elsewhere. Here they are, in no particular order of importance of effectiveness. Brand new and developed from the ground up for Mac OSX it's pretty, and quick to retrieve email. It is fully featured to the nth degree offering POP/IMAP and SMTP support, message templates, and lots more. Except junk mail filtering. It uses Spamsieve for this, and whilst this is probably the best spam filter out there, it comes free to try, but will cost email address you thirty bucks if you want the real deal. So for me, I'll pass, which is a shame because otherwise, it ticks all the boxes.

The free little sister of the awesome Postbox, this is a new kid on the block with real promise. Ultra-fast search and retrieve, actionable search results, intuitive conversation views, tabbed email browsing, superfast archiving plus easy tagging for all your messages. It integrates Address book, ical, and photo exchange. All in all a very worthy newcomer. Not just an email client, but an ultrafast web browser too, all in one package. Its email function is a well-supported email address with an elegant user interface, with a nice 'quick reply' feature that allows you to answer without opening up a full composer window. POP/IMAP and RSS are all supported but unfortunately, secure message encryption isn't. Still a mighty email address all-around package though

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