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There are two Baltimore Ravens teammates also make the list

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Based on our model and Mut 22 coins the latest set of data2 available on Madden's website Madden website, we have identified some players on which Madden and a model-based approach differ, and the results are intriguing.

Injecting human judgment into a system of grading isn't necessarily a negative thing. Daniel Sorensen is a good example. He's having a horrible year at Kansas City Chiefs. Kansas City Chiefs, and He's a factor in their defense's loss of 69.5 points that was more than expected this year, 31st in the league. Sorensen's game has earned him a grade that is 42.2 percent points from Pro Football Focus and an overall grade of 35.5. But despite his struggles, Sorensen is still fast! Based upon his on-field speed as determined by player tracking data, we'd anticipate to see a speed score purely based on model for Sorensen of 89 or so, about 7 points higher than Madden's Week 9 rating of 82. Maybe the people at EA do not want to award a player doing as badly as Sorensen with a high grade in a crucial area like speed rating, because it can have such a huge effect on the gameplay. If that's true then it's difficult to fault them.

Other notable exceptions include Chiefs wide receiver Tyreek Hill, who is the fastest speed score in all of Madden at 99. Hill is definitely fast, and maybe we're not arguing here but his highest career speed of 22.8 mph puts him just fourth in the league since 2017.3 Furthermore, his current weekly average max speed, while very respectable, isn't even close to the top 50.

There are two Baltimore Ravens teammates also mut coins madden 22 make the list, as slightly overrated speedsters. Lamar Jackson appears to be slower this year, perhaps due to nagging back injuries. The speed of his maximum max speed per game of 19.4 mph last year was nearly a full mile per hour faster than his pace this season. Madden isn't bothered, however. The 96 speed score Madden gives Lamar halfway through the year is 11 points more over his model-based score.4

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