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What is a good B2B ecommerce platform?

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Shopify is a first-class SaaS e-commerce platform that supports more than 1.7 million companies worldwide, from startups to Fortune 500 companies. Shopify's enterprise platform Shopify Plus is the premier enterprise-level solution for B2B businesses. Shopify also has an App Store where you can use thousands of available third-party apps and plugins to expand your business. Shopify Plus sells customers or direct sales sites with omnichannel support, which integrates with Shopify POS with more than 20 channels to automate the B2B sales process.

Whether you sell B2B, DTC, or both, Shopify Plus can choose to create multiple storefronts. There may be a major DTC sales store and a password-protected B2B wholesale website to meet the needs of such buyers. The Ecommerce web design agency is a good option to get Shopify.

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